PlanLab is committed to the idea that prosperous communities are built on a foundation of a healthy environment and a well-defined, authentic identity. Applying this commitment across Canada, we seek out projects that are culturally grounded, community-based and inclusive of local and expert knowledge. With a focus on regional planning and work with First Nation communities, PlanLab’s core competencies are applied in the following areas:

  • Cultural mapping for Aboriginal Rights and Title work
  • Map-based approach to Consultations and Accommodation
  • Building decision support tools, including local mapping capacity
  • Cultural inventories for negotiations with industry and the Crown
  • Comprehensive land use planning and economic development visioning
  • Land selection for Aboriginal claims and treaty lands entitlement cases

Our Tools

To support these services, PlanLab relies on a mix of proven tools and skill sets to bring a project through to success. These tools include:

  • Consultation tracking and management systems
  • Land use and occupancy mapping (traditional use studies)
  • GIS and mapping training
  • Comprehensive land use plans
  • Data libraries and geospatial databases
  • Research design and project management
  • Communications and fundraising