About Us
PlanLab specializes in cultural planning and mapping.
We help communities tell the stories that need to be heard,
through good research, strategic analysis,
and beautiful maps.

Canada is a young country – the ink has yet to dry on our maps. In fact, our maps are still being drawn. Jurisdiction and control are still being negotiated, and the language for these negotiations is rooted in maps.

Within this context, there is a mapping renaissance spreading across the country, but the maps being made are not those typically found in our glove compartments. These new maps relate to community identity, cultural assets, and the values and visions of place.

If done well, these maps can become strategic tools at the planning table, in consultations, in negotiations, and sometimes, in court. Here is where PlanLab takes the lead: we make sure, at all stages, the maps are done well. Whether it be a bioregional atlas, community asset mapping, or maps for negotiations, we bring equal measures of rigor and creativity to each application of mapping, in both process and product. Beautiful maps, powerful stories. This is our art.

PlanLab is a dynamic network of practitioners who bring innovation and integrity to each project. We draw on our network to build teams with the combined skills to tackle complex issues. Our team of associates and advisors include leading practitioners from across Canada, representing a broad range of sectors and expertise.

Our Associates

  • David Carruthers, MSc. MCIP, RPP,
    president, PlanLab Ltd.
  • Terry Tobias, Principal
    Tobias and Associates
  • Stephen Kilburn,
    GeoPraxis Inc.
  • Adam Putter and Ms. Janis Mussat,
    BadMath Inc.

Our Advisors

  • Jim Munroe, President,
    Maiyoo Keyoh Society
  • Nina-Marie Lister,
    Associate Professor, Ryerson University
  • James Stauch,
    Institute for Community Prosperity
  • Motek Sherman, J.D.
    Westmoor Holdings
  • Mario St-Georges, biologist
    GREBE Consulting